Michael Fassbender returns in new Alien: Covenant picture

But is he playing a different character?


Did you like Alien prequel Prometheus, especially the bits with Michael Fassbender’s blonde-haired android David? Then you’ll love this new picture from the next film in the saga Alien: Covenant, which sees a new version of the mechanical meddler being directed by Ridley Scott (as well as a helmet that looks more like the ones seen in the original Alien film than those used in Prometheus).


As you may have noticed David has darker hair this time around, but we might know why – apparently Scott has previously said there’ll be two models of the android in this film, and we’re betting this brunette is the newer model.

Yep, as if this sequel/prequel named after its own sequel that came out decades ago wasn’t confusing enough, we’re now getting two Fassbenders. We’re going to need to go into this one with notes.


Alien: Covenant will be released in British and American cinemas on 4th August 2017