Melissa Joan Hart reveals Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s house in Harry Potter

And you'll never guess who she would sit next to in Potions Class


While Harry Potter spent years honing his magical craft at Hogwarts, Sabrina the Teenage Witch had to settle for extra curricular spell-casting at Westbridge High. Now Melissa Joan Hart has finally put things right by revealing which house young Ms Spellman would have ended up in, had she be sent her Hogwarts acceptance letter.


“Gryffindor is the one the good kids go to,” the actress told People. “Sabrina would probably be Gryffindor.”

Without Harvey, Valerie, Jenny or even arch nemesis Libby, who would Sabrina have hung out with at the wizarding school?

“She’d be best friends with Hermione for sure,” said Hart. “I think so.”

And she’d have no trouble hitting it off with fellow Gryffindor Harry Potter either. The actress explained that she’d met Daniel Radcliffe at a movie premiere and he’d been rather excited to tell her he grew up watching her on screen.

It’s not all about Gryffindor in Hart’s magical world, though. The actress can also see the appeal of another Hogwarts house – and wouldn’t be opposed to being sorted into it.

“I would love to be in Slytherin, I mean that’s the most fun one right?”


Everybody knows the dungeon is where it’s at. It definitely beats the linen closet.