Martin Freeman’s Captain America: Civil War character has been revealed

And he’s basically John Watson all over again


After months of uncertainty, the identity of Martin Freeman’s character in upcoming superhero sequel Captain America: Civil War has been revealed. As suggested by a while back, and now confirmed by Empire, the Sherlock star will play US government man Everett Ross.


In Civil War itself, Ross will presumably be a thorn in the side of Cap and his renegade Avengers as they battle state-backed supes like Iron Man, but Everett’s history in the comics would indicate that when he appears in future Marvel movies he’ll be involved with one character in particular – African hero Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman in both this film and a planned solo venture in 2018.

Traditionally Ross is the US government’s man in Wakanda (the country ruled by Black Panther as his alter-ego King T’Challa) and in certain comics Ross is assigned to the Panther when he visits America, acting as a comic foil and sidekick to the hero’s various adventures. Considering Freeman is already confirmed to be returning for future movies, we don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that we’ll see him as the Black Panther’s bag man when the solo film eventually hits cinemas.

In other words, Martin freeman is playing John Watson again, but this time the Sherlock equivalent has a big cat costume that he wears constantly – the ONE thing that could have spiced up Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance.


Captain America: Civil War will be released in UK cinemas on 29th April