Mark Hamill reveals trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII. Well, sort of…

He's taking the Sith


Here’s a funny thing: Luke Skywalker isn’t funny. We can’t think of a single joke the guy made in the original trilogy. (Please, if we’ve forgotten something, pipe up in the comments.)


The guy might be strong with the Force, and he can grow a magnificent beard given enough time, but if you want a fun night you’re probably going to call Han, Leia and Lando. Luke used to shoot wamp-rats for fun. He’s hardly a Jedi Noel Coward.

And yet Mark Hamill just can’t stop yucking it up. His Twitter feed is a non-stop barrage of Star Wars puns, jokes and semi-pranks. Don’t get us wrong, we love it, but it leaves us hoping Luke makes with the funnies in the next film.

Speaking of, Hamill has only gone and revealed a trailer for Episode 8!