Mark Hamill promises Star Wars spoiler as he reaches one million Twitter followers

Asking nicely really does seem to pay off


As kids we’re always told to “ask nicely” and will often justify cheeky requests later in life with a “don’t ask, don’t get”. Well, it’s paid off for actor Mark Hamill. After doing said nice asking he has reached one million Twitter followers.


And now he’s going to share a Star Wars Episode VIII spoiler. Just because someone asked so very nicely with cherries on top.


Don’t you just feel all warm inside for good stuff leading to more good stuff? Cancel school guys, lessons galore going on on this Twitter page.

Anyway, as Hamill celebrates being a ‘Hamillionaire’, he says the Ep 8 spoiler is “sanctioned” by director Rian Johnson and is not a late April Fool’s joke. It’s coming in 12 hours apparently, so keep your peepers peeled for that.


Meanwhile, we’re going to ponder what we can ask really, really nicely for. A cameo as a stormtrooper? A few lines here and there? An afternoon wearing that hooded Jedi robe of his?