Margot Robbie can hold her breath for a REALLY long time

Note to self: don't ever get into a competition with this Suicide Squad star


Margot Robbie can hold her breath for a really, really long time.


Tasked with completing an underwater fight scene for her turn as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, Robbie took free-diving lessons and low and behold can hold her breath for five whole minutes.

Robbie didn’t even need to hold her breath that long but she got competitive with her stunt double and so the pair continued to take lessons as they alternately outdid each other’s times.

Eventually Robbie was told “no one needs to drown over this!” with the scene actually only needing her to hold her breath for around one minute.

In fact, the actress is a bit miffed because the final version is edited down, so doesn’t show us  just how long she was really underwater. But now we know, and Robbie, we applaud you.


Suicide Squad hits cinemas on 5th August