Man tries to crush Wolverine’s claws with hydraulic press, fails utterly

Turns out adamantium is a tough nut to crack


In case you weren’t aware of its existence, there’s a channel on YouTube exclusively devoted to crushing various objects with hydraulic presses (no, we’re not quite sure how we lived without it this long either) – and for its latest video, it’s taken on a pretty big challenge.


Namely, the team have a go at crushing some items made from adamantium, an extremely rare and functionally unbreakable metal that they first try crushing in ball form, and then via the sharp appendages of a rather familiar hero.

By this point (if not from the headline that includes the details of this story), you’ve probably guessed that adamantium isn’t a real metal, and is actually the fictional unbreakable substance that X-Men hero Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman in the film series) has his claws and bones coated in.

So while the Hydraulic Press Channel is genuine (and we recommend you check out a few of their other experiments), the footage has been artfully faked. We can only salute Marvel for finding the ideal (and specific) conduit to demonstrate the cutting power of Wolvie’s claws.

A very sharp idea.


Logan will be released in UK cinemas on 1st March 2017