Make your own Harry Potter wand with this step-by-step guide

Your house will look like Olivander's stockroom in no time...


Fed up of using pencils, wooden spoons and kindling as makeshift wands? You’re in luck. If you want to get your hands on a genuine-looking Harry Potter-style wand (and you’re feeling crafty) this Reddit user has the answer.


All you need is a bunch of wooden dowels (available at all good DIY stores), a Dremel power tool (other brands are available), protective goggles, a hot glue gun, various shades of brown paint, paintbrushes and varnish. Plus patience, dedication and a steady hand.


Follow the instructions correctly, and you should have yourself 24 wands that JK Rowling herself would be proud to wave.


And, failing that, you can always buy yourself an official HP wand here