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Love Actually's Laura Linney finally gets the romantic ending she deserves in US Red Nose Day sequel

Karl from the office is long since forgotten now Patrick Dempsey is in her life

Published: Friday, 26th May 2017 at 1:01 pm

We haven't quite recovered from Laura Linney's heartbreaking Love Actually storyline as the lovely Sarah who sacrifices her romance with Karl from the office so she can (spoiler alert) comfort her mentally disabled brother over the phone.


That's why it is so amazing to hear that the US version of Red Nose Day Actually has given her a happy ending - and she has ended up with none other than "McDreamy" Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy.

We didn't get to see her story in the UK version back in March, but an extended edition that aired in America on NBC caught up with Sarah 13 years later.

It was, our American friends report, a "classic fake out". Sarah was staying late at the office and answering calls, presumably from her brother.

But no! Her husband (Dempsey) was on the other end of the line. (As a side note, Sarah has apparently never changed her ring tone.)

"I love you very much," he tells her. "You're a nice wife." (In case there was any doubt.)


All you need is love - and we are so glad Sarah finally got the ending she always deserved.


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