It has been 20 years since Love Actually hit the big screen, creating an adoring fanbase who watch the film over and over, no matter the time of year.


Celebrating its anniversary, co-casting director Fiona Weir has reflected on casting the key roles fans have come to know and love - Alan Rickman's, in particular.

The late Rickman portrayed Harry in the film, who struggled to prioritise his relationship with his wife Karen (Emma Thompson), which led to a workplace romance with his assistant Mia (Heike Makatsch).

Speaking to People, Weir opened up on Rickman's "deeply compassionate" and "sardonic" performance as Harry.

"Alan encompassed that deeply complicated man who loves his wife and family, but has somehow lost track of something in his life and gets tempted by this other girl, but still really cares about the people who work for him," Weir said.

Emma Thompson as Karen and Alan Rickman as Harry in Love Actually walking together
Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman. Universal Pictures

She explained that the production team were "thrilled" when Rickman agreed to the role, as they "knew that he would bring even more layers and complexity to the part than was already there".

Weir added that Rickman agreed to play Harry "pretty quickly".

"He spotted what a lovely thing it would be to be part of," she told the publication.

Richard Curtis previously opened up about one scene that drove Rickman "insane" while filming the romantic comedy.

In an ABC News Special, Curtis revealed it was the scene in which Rowan Atkinson's shop assistant takes a rather long time to wrap up Harry's present.

"Rowan was just taking his time," Curtis said. "So he would do 11-minute takes".

Curtis recalled: "[Rowan would say], 'Let's go back and do that. Let's start again.' And poor Alan was there all the time going, 'Grr, ugh.'"

However, as viewers see in the film, Rickman's impatience works perfectly, and it has become a scene many know and love.

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