With The Lord of the Rings TV series imminently approaching, we can expect more stunning New Zealand scenery... and that's about it really, as Amazon have revealed little else about the upcoming prequel.


Until then, treat the Lord of the Rings fan in your life with these Middle-earth-inspired gift ideas, sure to delight hobbits, elves and men alike.

The Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit

The Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit

Got a friend who thinks he knows all about Lord of the Rings? Can they understand Elvish? Do they know about the Second Age of Middle-earth? Put them to the test with this themed edition of Trivial Pursuit, complete with over 600 questions and a portable case.

Amazon - £9.98

The One Ring

The Lord of the Rings One Ring

If by some chance you know a Lord of the Rings fan who doesn't have their own version of The One Ring, get them this gold plated replica ASAP. Comes with chain, pouch and gift box. Just hope they don't get a bit too attached to it...

Amazon - £23.86

Personalised Elvish Mug

Lord of the Rings Elvish Mug

Ever wondered what your mates' names were in Elvish? Find out with this personalised stainless steel mug, which will translate any name into Elvish once ordered.

Etsy.com - £16.00

Lord of the Rings Story Poster


This pretty poster brings together three iconic images from the three movies, with silhouettes of the diminishing fellowship below. Also available as a canvas print.

canvasartrocks.com - £8.00

Lord of the Rings Top Trumps Tin

Lord of the Rings Top Trumps

The ever-popular card game returns in a Lord of the Rings edition complete with a Shire-themed collector's tin. Suitable for any age or any number of players, this card game might just teach you a bit of lore while you're having fun.

Amazon - £7.99

Aragon Funko Pop

Aragorn Funko Pop

There are Funko Pop figures of absolutely everyone by now, so you best believe they've covered the Lord of the Rings franchise. Get one of the many variants of Aragorn, complete with an itty bitty Andúril.

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Amazon - £8.10

Wooden Middle Earth Map

Middle Earth wooden map

With Amazon constantly tweeting out new maps, get your own version laser-engraved onto Birch wood. Covering key locations from the books and films, this really would make a stunning addition to anyone's wall.

Etsy.com - £39.50

Lord of the Rings Music Box

Lord of the Rings Music Box

This novelty music box plays the Lord of the Rings theme when cranked, letting you hear one of the greatest film soundtracks ever whenever you like. Perfect as a small token to the Lord of the Rings obsessive in your life.

Amazon - £9.99

Lord of the Rings Doormat


Emblazoned with Gandalf's famous phrase, this doormat will be sure to keep out unwanted balrogs and orcs. A perfect housewarming gift.

Truffle Shuffle - £14.99

Moria Moleskine Notebook


This lined notebook's cover is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's original illustration of the Fellowship's arrival at Moria, and also includes an insert detailing how to read Tolkien's Cirth alphabet and several maps of Middle-earth at the back. Ideal for all those budding writers inspired by the legendary fantasy books.


Cultpens.com - £18.39