Lindsay Lohan just Dubsmashed a scene from The Parent Trap – and it was perfect

Brace yourselves, Parent Trappers...


Lindsay Lohan was feeling nostalgic this week for everyone’s favourite 90s movie The Parent Trap. You know, the one with the long-lost twins who are reunited at summer camp and plot to get their unsuspecting parents back together? (Don’t pretend you don’t still think about it.)


The 29-year-old posted an image of red-head Hallie Parker on Instagram to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. And then she went one step further and made every Parent Trap superfan freak out…

In what might be the best use of Dubsmash ever, Lohan recreated a scene from her 1998 movie.

It’s a quote from quite early on in the movie, when the troublesome pair are still at summer camp getting up to all sorts of mischief.


Lohan aced the lip-syncing – and, you know, there’s plenty more were that came from. (We’ve checked.) Now all we need is for Lindsay to get back on Dubsmash and start working her way through them…