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Lindsay Lohan accepts invitation to switch on Kettering's Christmas lights

She said yes!

Published: Friday, 1st July 2016 at 11:58 am

There's undoubtedly a negative side to Twitter, but it does so much good too. For example...


Without Twitter, Lindsay Lohan wouldn't have randomly live-blogged the EU Referendum. Without Twitter, she wouldn't have publicly questioned where Kettering was.

"♯REMAIN Sorry but KETTERING where are you&why is this woman @BBCNews speaking on people rather than TELLING us what happens if UK LEAVES?"

Without Twitter, she wouldn't have seen this clip from Parliament of the MP for Kettering listing the great things about the town and asking her to come and turn on the Christmas lights.

And without Twitter, she wouldn't have said yes!


Yep, we feel like we just witnessed a magical marriage proposal...


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