Liam Neeson forced to change his name after winning bet

The Taken star shall now be known as Dick Rubnuts... maybe

Taken star Liam Neeson and US chat show host Jimmy Fallon had a fierce* (*not fierce at all, I don’t think anyone even broke a sweat) arm wrestling match during an interview last night. Liam Neeson won. Naturally. He’s got a particular set of skills, don’t you know?


But before that, the pair got a bit carried away suggesting all of the things they’d do if they won.

It started out silly. Fallon was going to wind up a Starbucks employee by saying his name was Papa so it sounded like the coffee shop worker was calling out for his long lost dad. Neeson was going to hunt down Waldo (aka Where’s Wally), Taken style. But then Neeson said that if he won he’d officially change his name to Dick Rubnuts.

That doesn’t sound like much of a winner’s celebration to me. That sounds more like losing a bet.

Perhaps Neeson’s always wanted to be called Dick Rubnuts…? Dreamed of the day someone would call out, ‘And the winner is ‘Dick Rubnuts’. Or, perhaps he totally forgot the point of the whole thing. Even Fallon scoffs, ‘Why?!’

Not that Neeson will be made to stick to it or anything. It’s just a silly arm wrestle bet, not a binding verbal contract that anyone’s going to follow up on…



See Dick Rubnuts in Taken 3, released in cinemas today and check out the full clip below..