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Legendary Bond girl Claudine Auger has died aged 78

The French actress played Domino in Sean Connery Bond flick Thunderball

Published: Friday, 20th December 2019 at 11:46 am

Legendary Bond girl Claudine Auger has passed away aged 78, according to her agent.


The French actress, who played Domino in Sean Connery Bond flick Thunderball, was in Paris when she died on Thursday.

In addition to her role in the iconic spy franchise, Auger starred in an array of films and stage shows in her home country, including several movies directed by her first husband, Pierre Gaspard-Huit.

Other career highlights include a role in World War II drama Triple Cross, which also starred Yul Brynner and Christopher Plummer, and a part in French comedy film The Killing Game.

Prior to her acting career, Auger was a hugely successful model, representing France at the 1958 Miss World competition and finishing runner up.

Auger famously performed all her own stunts – including a range of underwater sequences – in Thunderball, a role that she apparently approached as if she was “playing Molière” at a prestigious theatre.


Her death comes after a long battle with illness and she is survived by her daughter, Jessica Claudine Brent.


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