Last Jedi director helped write Han Solo’s funeral scene – and an unseen meeting between two characters – for film novelisation

Rian Johnson sat down with the book's author to sketch out extra scenes that fans may find emotional

Last Jedi director Rian Johnson

The novelisation of the latest Star Wars trilogy film The Last Jedi contains a number of scenes that didn’t make it into the movie, including one potentially very emotional addition – Han Solo’s funeral.


Last Jedi director Rian Johnson worked with the book’s author Jason Fry to create the new scenes in a meeting at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch in California.

Fans will also be intrigued by passages that delve further into the much talked-about casino scenes in Canto Bight and, particularly poignantly, see Rose and Paige Tico together.

The sisters do not meet on screen and Paige gives her life to destroy a First Order Dreadnought spaceship that is bombarding the Resistance base on D’Qar.


“Rian Johnson and I had an amazing conversation,” said Fry. “We got to write entirely new scenes – Han Solo’s funeral Rose and Paige Tico together and further explorations of the fascinating world of Canto Bight, to name just a few.”