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Kylo Ren storms the Millennium Falcon in deleted Star Wars: The Force Awakens scene

But why?

Published: Friday, 4th March 2016 at 12:01 pm

Just as Star Wars: The Force Awakens was no ordinary film, the Episode VII DVD is no ordinary home entertainment release, with millions of fans worldwide desperately counting the hours until 18th April when they can see all the behind-the-scenes details and deleted scenes their hearts could desire (well, quite a few anyway).


But at least some of that appetite will be sated right now, as Disney have released some key clips and footage that will be available on the DVD, including a VERY juicy look at Dark Jedi Kylo Ren’s trip onto the Millennium Falcon (which never happened in the finished movie).


Why is Adam Driver’s Ren on board (nostalgia?), and why is he raspily saying his Dad’s name? We’re not sure, but hopefully we’ll find out when the DVD is released next month.

Other highlights from the trailer include some lightsaber tricks from Daisy Ridley, the old-school puppeteering and new-school green screening that brought BB-8 to life (both below) and Adam Driver’s cool fake lightsaber.


If anything we’re even more madly excited for this DVD than we were beforehand.

It’s almost as if they planned it like that…


Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be available for digital download on 11th April, with the DVD released on 18th April


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