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Kumail Nanjiani eats his words (and brussels sprouts) after losing bet with Edgar Wright

The Big Sick screenwriter got an Oscar nomination – which means he had to eat a bowl of his least favourite vegetable

Kumail Nanjiani
Published: Friday, 26th January 2018 at 1:08 pm

Sometimes, victory tastes like brussels sprouts.


This is particularly bad news if, like Kumail Nanjiani, you HATE the nasty green squishy things. The Big Sick screenwriter had struck a deal with director Edgar Wright before the Oscar nominations were revealed that he'd eat a whole bowl of sprouts if he was nominated – and lo and behold, he and Emily V Gordon secured a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination. Oops.

Still, Nanjiani agreed to go through with the pledge, and even reckoned he would enjoy Brussel sprouts for the first time in his life.

So did he do it? Of course he did. With a smile and a grimace.

What a trooper! And is he a convert? Absolutely not. The Oscar nominee later tweeted: "No, I do not love brussels sprouts now. I can confidently say this was my last bowl of brussels sprouts ever."


At least he didn't say, "or I'll eat my hat..."


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