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Keith Lemon on Kelly Brook: "It's a right privilege to work with your mates"

Leigh Francis's alter ego talks having Kelly Brook on Celebrity Juice... and in Keith Lemon: the Film 2 logo
Published: Wednesday, 20th March 2013 at 4:44 pm met Leigh Francis (or his comedy alter ego Keith Lemon, we can never be sure...) at last night's Royal Television Society Programme Awards to talk about Celebrity Juice's new team captain Kelly Brook.


Brook, who is filling in for Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton while she's on maternity leave, was described by Lemon as "great fun."

"She's a good mate of mine - it's a right privilege to work with your mates," he went on to say.

Brook made an appearance in crude and rude film Keith Lemon: The Film last year and fans of Lemon's special brand of humour will be hoping for a cinema sequel...

"Yeah, there's plans, yeah. I can't tell you anything apparently. I had a good meeting today though," revealed Lemon.

And will underwear model Kelly Brook be making a return performance? "Don't know" said Lemon, while nodding his head.

Celebrity Juice picked up the entertainment award at last night's awards, a decision which may have come as a shock to Lemon. Speaking before the awards ceremony, the tango-tanned presenter said: "We've got no chance whatsoever. My money's on Dynamo. I like that show, it's right good. It'll probably win. We won't."


He went on to add: "If it's an audience award we go 'eh, we might win', but if it's industry thing we know we'll never win. Let's booze and loose, get a free dinner and enjoy the night."


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