Keanu Reeves: I wanted to play Batman

Apparently the Matrix star could see himself as the caped crusader

We’re just getting used to the idea of Ben Affleck playing Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie – but recent comments by actor Keanu Reeves have set our “what if” imaginations racing again.


“I always wanted to play The Dark Knight,” Reeves told Moviefone. “But I didn’t get that one. They’ve had some great Batmans. So now I’m just enjoying them as an audience.”

Keanu as Batman? What a world we could have lived in. But Reeves’ superhero dreams didn’t end there – the actor also revealed that he’d once had his eye on the metal claws of X-men member Wolverine (eventually played by Hugh Jackman).

“I always wanted to play Wolverine,” the actor said, “But I didn’t get that. And they have a great Wolverine now.”

Still, Reeves says he’s not out of the comic book woods yet, stating that he could one day direct a comic book film and expressing his admiration for the medium.

“I love the graphic novel form,” he said. “I like how it’s been translated. I certainly think it’s impactful, with the images translating to cinema.”

“I mean just look at The Matrix. That was influenced by graphic novels and anime. I like that world.”


Keanu Reeves’ next film John Wick is in UK cinemas on 2 January