Kate McKinnon’s outtake reel from Ghostbusters is life-affirmingly funny

"Whatever doesn't kill ya...just weakens ya"


In the alternate history novel we’ve just started writing, Paul Feig released this outtake reel of Kate McKinnon before the film premiered, both sides of the great Ghostbusters war of 2016 laid down their arms, and peace reigned.


Also we all live in steam powered airships.


McKinnon is clearly on the cusp of superstardom (told ya) and all its attendant ‘QUEEEEEN SLAAAAAY YEEEEEEES‘ memes.


But before someone commissions whatever vehicle will make her a multimillionaire (hey meninists, here’s an idea to get worked up about: how about a Planes, Trains and Automobiles remake?) it’s worth letting yourself be impressed: this is a funny person, being funny, over and over again off the top of her head. Sometimes that’s enough.