Karen Gillan is going to have a “bigger role” in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The former Doctor Who actress is poised for more screen time in the superhero sequel, says director James Gunn


Doctor Who fans are in for a treat when the Guardians of the Galaxy storms back into cinemas, because former companion Karen Gillan is set to get a lot more screen time. 


Gillan, who plays bald, blue-skinned space pirate Nebula, is “very much” appearing in the superhero sequel, confirmed director James Gunn in a live Q&A on his Facebook page earlier this week. 

“It’s exciting to have Karen Gillan around more,” he continued, revealing that her role is “bigger” this time around. 

“We have a couple of primary cast members who are new and they not only fit in really well but they add to the overall feeling with everybody else. It’s been really fun,” said Gunn. “Other people’s roles are bigger too. It’s exciting to have Karen Gillan and Michael Rooker around more. It’s really been fun… So far we’ve had a marvellous time.” 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 started filming this morning in Georgia, America. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and Dave Bautista will all be reprising their roles as Peter Quinn, Gamora, Rocket, Groot and Drax. 


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is in UK cinemas spring 2017