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Jungle Cruise 2: will there be a sequel to Disney film?

All aboard! A sequel is looking likely after the Disney action-adventure cruised to the top of the box office.

Jungle Cruise
Published: Thursday, 5th August 2021 at 3:14 pm

After the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise generated five feature films and billions at the box office, Disney were undoubtedly hoping for a sequel to the similarly theme-parked inspired Jungle Cruise.


Now that the family-friendly adventure has set sail to respectable box office worldwide – including a $30million opening from Disney Plus Premier Access alone – there’s a good chance that the House of Mouse will want to hop aboard for another ride on this particularly successful steamboat.

Plus, who wouldn’t want more wisecracks and sizzling chemistry from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Emily Blunt?

We've already had a promising update from The Rock himself - so here’s everything you need to know about Jungle Cruise 2.

Will there be a Jungle Cruise 2?

A Jungle Cruise 2 has not yet been officially announced, but after the box office success of the first film a sequel is all but certain.

Only days after Jungle Cruise opened to $92 million worldwide (including Disney Plus revenue) in August 2021, Johnson confirmed on social media that a sequel meeting was happening.

Given that Disney's last project based on one of their theme park attractions - a little series called Pirates of the Caribbean - spawned five films and became a major cash cow for the studio, it's likely the plan was always for a sequel and potential franchise should Jungle Cruise do well at the box office.

Jungle Cruise 2 release date

Big studio blockbusters typically take around two years to complete, so the earliest we can realistically expect to board Jungle Cruise 2 is 2023.

However this does, of course, depend on how disruptive the pandemic continues to be on the film industry, as well as when Johnson can fit filming into his ridiculously busy schedule - though he does have a gap now Black Adam has finished filming.

Jungle Cruise 2 cast


Johnson is already on board for Jungle Cruise 2, and it seems unlikely that a sequel would go forward without his co-star Emily Blunt considering the excellent chemistry between the two.

Johnson played Skipper Frank in the first film, with Blunt portraying intrepid British botanist-turned-explorer Lily.

Comedian Jack Whitehall is also likely to return and continue his budding Hollywood career as MacGregor, Lily's younger brother and a reluctant assistant on their Amazon adventure.

Outside of the three leads, there were few other morally virtuous main characters - but one ally Frank and Lily could call on is tribe leader Trader Sam, played by Veronica Falcón (Perry Mason).

**Spoilers ahead for Jungle Cruise**

On the villain side of things, despite being turned to stone it is entirely possible that Aguirre, played by Édgar Ramírez (The Undoing), could return. Aguirre has been turned to stone before after all, and given his long history with Frank there is plenty that could be explored about the two former brothers-in-arms.

However, even if Aguirre does return it is highly likely that a new villain will be cast also - we're sure there are more characters on the Jungle Cruise ride who could serve as inspiration.

Jungle Cruise 2 trailer

The film has barely started pre-production - there won't be a trailer for some time! We'll keep you updated if and when a Jungle Cruise 2 trailer arrives.

Jungle Cruise is available in cinemas and on Disney Plus Premier Access now. You can sign up to Disney+ for £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year now.


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