He’s accustomed to running about on pirate ships in The Carribbean and larking about in Tim Burton films but this summer Johnny Depp will be trying something new and joining the Glastonbury line-up.

You won’t be seeing him rocking out on the Other Stage with new addition Liam Gallagher, though. Depp is actually the guest of honour at the festival’s new drive-in movie area, Cineramageddon, where he’s gearing up to introduce a selection of film’s he’s personally chosen on Thursday June 22nd.

For those wonder, he’s gone for The Libertine (which he stars in), Withnail & I (“no film has ever made me laugh more” Depp says) and Dead Man by Jim Jamuch, which he describes as an “epic visual poem”.

Depp will be sitting down with Cineramageddon curator Julien Temple to talk about his selections in a little more detail too.

If you’d like to join them find out how to reserve a spot for your car over at the official Cineramageddon website.