Johnny Depp mocks his own apology video

But he *really* meant it...


Johnny “declare-everything-when-you-enter-Australia” Depp has joined in the ribbing of his own dog smuggling apology video, by apologising for not smuggling his dogs into England.


It follows the much-mocked confession recorded by Depp and his wife Amber Heard after they got in trouble for not declaring their pet pooches Pistol and Boo on arrival Down Under.

Depp’s deadpan delivery was the source of much hilarity online, something he seems to be rather enjoying.

“I’m going to do this everywhere I go,” Depp told reporters in the UK while promoting Alice Through The Looking Glass, as captured on video by Reuters. “I would like to apologise for not smuggling my dogs into England, because it would’ve been a bad thing to do.”

Director Tim Burton joined in, joking that the dogs were dead because he’d just sat on them upstairs by accident to which Depp jested he’d tried to kill them off after the Australian fiasco. All, er, fun and games…