JK Rowling tweets her own rejection letters as “inspiration” for aspiring writers

Because even bestselling authors get turned down sometimes...


JK Rowling has spent her Good Friday morning giving aspiring writers a much-needed boost. The 50-year-old has tweeted two letters she once received from publishers, opting not to publish her work.


The tweet was a response to a writer, who posted on Twitter saying: “Not getting down… because this WILL happen. This is just the beginning. got rejected, I will too!”

The author when decided to share a reminder that even bestselling novelists get rejection letters.


After the success of Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Rowling opted to publish her next novel under a pseudonym, Robert Galbrath. Several rejections later, the “debut” novel was published by Little Brown in 2013, though Rowling was revealed to be the author after just a few months.