JK Rowling has revealed a lot about Ilvermorny – the American equivalent to Hogwarts – over the last few days, including the history of the wizarding school.

And it turns out that a creature known as William the Pukwudgie, described by Rowling as "a short, grey-faced, large-eared creature distantly related to the European goblin" was crucial in founding the school and protecting it from dark forces.

But while we had an idea how William might have looked, we didn't yet know much about how he might sound. Would he have the high-pitched voice of a House Elf or the more mellow tones of the Head Goblin? And what about his accent?

Well now we have a pretty good idea.

When a fan on Twitter suggested that William the Pukwudgie could have the voice of US singer Tom Waits, Rowling completely agreed.

If you don't know what Waits sounds like – or you just want to close your eyes and imagine how the Pukwudgie would speak – here's the singer at his most deep and gravelly...

What do you think? Should Waits get the part in an Ilvermorny movie? And should it be a musical?