JK Rowling says she’s never visited pub which ‘inspired’ Harry Potter

The author quashes local legend that a pub in Exeter is the real Leaky Cauldron

JK Rowling reads Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

JK Rowling has dispelled a local legend that a pub in Exeter had inspired Harry Potter, announcing on Twitter that she has never even visited it.


According to Devon Live, there is a longstanding belief amongst students and locals that The Old Fire House in Exeter was the inspiration for The Leaky Cauldron in Rowling’s book series. Rowling attended Exeter University between 1983-86.

But, when an article referencing the sale of the pub popped up Twitter, the author tweeted that she had “never visited this pub in my life”, before naming the pubs that she did frequent during her time as a student there.

The myth had been so prominent, reported one Twitter user, that Exeter Uni’s Harry Potter club had been holding their social events at the pub, albeit under false pretences.


The Old Firehouse has just been bought by City Pub Group PLC, a London-based company owned by the father of Made in Chelsea stars Lucy and Tiff Watson. They probably would have liked to have lingered in the fantasy a little bit longer…