JK Rowling is building Hagrid’s hut in her garden

The Harry Potter author appears to be recreating the wizarding world of Hogwarts on her Scottish esate

JK Rowling is poised to build her own Hagrid style hut in the grounds of her Scottish estate. 


The Harry Potter author, who already has a selection of Hogwarts-style treehouses featuring turrets, trap doors and owl perches in her back garden, has been granted permission to build a stone hut on the edge of a forest on her 162-acre Killiechassie Estate.

The hut will be round and open at the front with a slate roof, according to the Telegraph.

That sounds a lot like Hagrid’s fictional home to us…


And who can blame her, eh? Every Harry Potter fan would transport themselves into the magical world of Rowling’s books given half a chance. If we were Rowling we’d wear Hogwart’s robes, weald wands (holly and phoenix feather. Obvs) and pretty much only talk in parcel tongue…