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JK Rowling is asked what her horcrux would be, gives the most British answer

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Published: Saturday, 8th August 2015 at 11:41 am

It's always worth keeping an eye on JK Rowling's Twitter account. Whether she's dispensing valuable advice or teasing details of her latest projects, the Harry Potter author certainly knows how to entertain her 5 million followers.


And one questions she no doubt gets asked an awful lot is...

If you recall, Lord Voldemort – who chose to split his soul in seven – used the likes of Professor Quirrell, his snake Nagini and (unbeknown to him) Harry himself to create the powerful objects, generated by committing the most evil act of all: murder.

Rowling's response? Well to start with she stated the obvious: "I would never, ever have a Horcrux. They are evil objects created by despicable means". But she couldn't help but sneak in a delightfully British response to the question...

It's not the first time the subject of tea has made an appearance on the author's Twitter feed. Recently she's been schooling American followers in how to make the perfect cuppa. After all, tea is not to be made "recklessly"

Or using a teabag with a string.

Apparently dunking is the done thing.

And loose tea is the way forward.


What would we do without JK Rowling and her valuable lessons in tea-making?


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