With the festive season coming up fast, Netflix is dropping a brand new family musical that aims to spread plenty of cheer in the weeks ahead.


Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey comes from writer-director David Talbert and tells the story of a once-brilliant toy inventor who must rediscover his joy after suffering personal loss.

Forest Whitaker leads a cast comprised of established Hollywood talent and some total newcomers, including co-star Madalen Mills who is making her screen debut.

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Jingle Jangle on Netflix.

Forest Whitaker plays Jeronicus Jangle

Forest Whitaker stars in Jingle Jangle on Netflix

Who is Jeronicus Jangle? Jeronicus is a genius toymaker whose whimsical inventions used to be the talk of the town, but personal losses have defeated his once joyful spirit. These days, he has turned his workshop into a pawn shop and shies away from social events, particularly during the festive season. His granddaughter, Journey, hopes to reawaken the Christmas spirit within him.

What else has Forest Whitaker been in? A heck of a lot of stuff! Whitaker is one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood, winning an Academy Award for his work in The Last King of Scotland and appearing in a number of major blockbusters. His recent hits include sci-fi movies Arrival and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as well as Marvel's iconic Black Panther.

Madalen Mills plays Journey Jangle

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey on Netflix stars Madalen Mills

Who is Journey? Journey is the granddaughter of Jeronicus, but the two have spent little time together over the years due to his reclusive ways. Her mother sends her to visit one Christmas season, during which Journey intends to show Jeronicus the magic of the world once more. Following in her grandfather's footsteps, she is a keen inventor herself with a fascination for science and mathematics.

What else has Madalen Mills been in? Mills is making her feature film debut in Jingle Jangle.

Keegan-Michael Key plays Gustafson

Keegan-Michael Key plays Gustafson in Jingle Jangle on Netflix

Who is Gustafson? Gustafson is the former apprentice of Jeronicus, but leaves the workshop after feeling that the inventor has little time for him. This sets him on a darker path, led further astray by the the negative influence of Don Juan Diego.

What else has Keegan-Michael Key been in? The actor and comedian rose to prominence as one half of the comedy double act Key & Peele, alongside Get Out director Jordan Peele. Since the pair split up to pursue solo projects, Key has bagged roles in action flick The Predator, Netflix series Friends From College, as well as family movies Toy Story 4 and The Lion King.

Anika Noni Rose plays Jessica Jangle

Anika Noni Rose stars in Jingle Jangle on Netflix

Who is Jessica Jangle? Jessica is daughter to Jeronicus and mother to Journey. She left her father's home and stopped contacting him after becoming frustrated by the lack of love he showed her and his negative attitude towards life.

What else has Anika Noni Rose been in? Noni is best known for providing the voice of Disney princess Tiana, who first appeared in 2009's The Princess and The Frog. She has also appeared in The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, The Good Wife, Bates Motel and Power.

Ricky Martin plays Don Juan Diego

Ricky Martin stars in Jingle Jangle on Netflix

Who is Don Juan Diego? Don Juan Diego is a sentient toy created by Jeronicus for kids to play with over Christmas. Unfortunately, he doesn't realise that the doll is a selfish egomaniac, who begins working towards his own nefarious plan.

What else has Ricky Martin been in? Martin has had a very successful career in the music industry, with chart hits including Livin' la Vida Loca. In film and television, he appeared in American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace and had a voice role in 2015's Minions.

Kieron Dyer plays Edison Latimer

Who is Edison Latimer? Edison is a young boy who is a great admirer of Jeronicus and his inventions. He becomes friends with Journey when she comes to stay.

What else has Kieron Dyer been in? Dyer is making his screen debut in Jingle Jangle.

Lisa Davina Phillip plays Mrs Johnston

Who is Mrs Johnston? Mrs Johnston is a local postwoman who frequently delivers letters and parcels to Jeronicus in his shop. She is very obviously affectionate towards him and wishes for them to be in a romantic relationship, but he consistently ignores her attempts to get his attention.

What else has Lisa Davina Phillip been in? Phillip appeared as Pearl McDonald in short-lived medical soap opera The Royal Today on ITV, and has had small roles in People Just Do Nothing, Doctors and Call The Midwife.

Hugh Bonneville plays Mr Delacroix

Hugh Bonneville stars in Jingle Jangle on Netflix

Who is Mr Delacroix? Mr Delacroix is a banker who does not wish to cause Jeronicus distress, but will have no choice but to close his shop unless the inventor starts running a profitable business again.

What else has Hugh Bonneville been in? Bonneville is best known for his role as Robert Crawley in the long-running period drama Downton Abbey. He also portrayed Mr Henry Brown in 2014's Paddington movie and its acclaimed sequel.

Phylicia Rashad plays Mrs Jangle

Phylicia Rashad in Jingle Jangle on netflix

Who is Mrs Jangle? Mrs Jangle is an elderly member of the family who reads the children a festive story on Christmas Eve.

What else has Phylicia Rashad been in? Rashad is particularly famous in the US for her role in American sitcom The Cosby Show, which aired between 1984 and 1992. Recently, she has appeared in music drama Empire, boxing film Creed and its 2018 sequel.

Justin Cornwell plays young Jeronicus

Justin Cornwell stars in Jingle Jangle on Netflix

Who is young Jeronicus? Appearing in a flashback prologue, Jeronicus in his younger years is shown to be happy and full of love for those around him.

What else has Justin Cornwell been in? Cornwell played the lead role in the Training Day television series, which came to an early end after his co-star Bill Paxton sadly died.


Jingle Jangle is available to stream on Netflix from Friday 13th November. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best TV series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, visit our TV Guide, or find out about upcoming new TV shows 2020.