Jessica Chastain is fed up with people thinking she’s Bryce Dallas Howard

They're NOT the same person, OK?

You’d be forgiven for occasionally mixing up Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard. There are certain visual similarities – both have red hair and porcelain skin – and each has forged a successful movie career (Chastain was Oscar-nominated for 2013’s Zero Dark Thirty; Dallas Howard stars in new release Jurassic World).


The internet has been confused for a while:

But after years of being asked questions about The Village, Twilight and Spider-man, Chastain has had just about enough. 

The actresses have even appeared on screen together in 2011’s The Help – Chastain got a best supporting actress Oscar nomination for playing Celia Foote while Howard got two MTV Movie Award nods for her portrayal of Hilly Holbrook.


Even so, fans still get their wires crossed. “Some people say, ‘You were great in The Help, but I can’t believe you ate that poop pie,'” Chastain recently told Empire. “I have to say, ‘That’s not the part I played, but thank you!'”