Jamie Dornan tests his vocal skills in Fifty Accents of Grey

The actor was challenged to read sections of EL James's steamy novel in a variety of accents

We’re just days away from the movie adaptation of saucy novel Fifty Shades of Grey hitting the big screen, but star Jamie Dornan had his head back in the book this week to play Fifty Accents of Grey. 


The challenge? Read various lines from EL James’s best-selling steamy tale in different voices (as chosen by a swanky Accent Generator) on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Yes, they chose rude bits of text, obviously. 

Fallon plays along too. He does a ruddy good ‘Cowboy’ (even though that’s not technically an accent) while Dornan tackles French, Scottish and County Cork Irish, which the Northern Irish actor confirms to Fallon is “massively different to what I do”.

Enjoy the many voices of Christian Grey right here…


Fifty Shades of Grey is in UK cinemas from 13th February