The producer of the James Bond films, Barbara Broccoli, says the star who will replace Daniel Craig as 007 has not been chosen and won't be until the "dust has settled" on Craig.


Not only that, but Broccoli has revealed to Total Film magazine that the "reimagined" James Bond does not have to be a white man, but has ruled out the possibility of a woman taking over the role of the super spy.

Broccoli explained why she and her longtime production collaborator Michael G Wilson hadn't begun to think about the actor who will play 007 in the 26th instalment of the iconic secret agent, despite much speculation in the media that Tom Hardy had been lined up for the role (he is currently 2/1 favourite with most bookmakers).

“I always say: you can only be in love with one person at a time," she said. "Once the film’s come out, then some time will pass, and then we’ll have to get on to the business of the future. But for now, we just cannot think about anything beyond Daniel.”

Whoever is cast will be a new interpretation of the big screen icon, not a simple copy of Craig.

“It will have to be reimagined, in the way each actor has reimagined the role,” she said. “That’s what is so exciting and fun about this franchise; the character evolves. Eventually, when we have to think about it, we’ll find the right person.”

Broccoli is prepared to break the racial mould.

She said: “He doesn’t need to be a white man. Not as far as I’m concerned.”

But 007 will never become "Jane Bond" under Broccoli's stewardship.

“We should create roles for women, not just turn a man into a woman,” she said.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty around the cinema industry globally, No Time to Die was recently moved from its planned November worldwide release (it had already been postponed from April 2020) to the current premiere date of 2nd April, 2021.


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