Jacob Tremblay really does keep his Critics’ Choice Award next to his Millennium Falcon

The nine-year-old Room star has shared a snap of his growing awards shelf and Star Wars collection


When Jacob Tremblay won a Critics’ Choice Award last month for best young actor, he melted the internet’s icy heart with a seriously cute acceptance speech.


In that acceptance speech he told Hollywood’s gathered great and good exactly where he was planning on keeping his new prize. And it turns out he wasn’t joking.

Nine-year-old Tremblay, who won the award for the role of Jack in Oscar-nominated Room, revealed he was going to keep his Critics’ Choice Award next to his Star Wars Millennium Falcon. Now we have proof.

Tremblay’s Critic’s Choice gong is sharing shelf space with a couple of other awards, as well as a copy of The Hobbit and a framed picture of Yoda.


The actor himself also makes an appearance in this snap, wearing a Star Wars Resistance pilot helmet. His snazzy headgear is presumably what he’s referencing in the caption, where he writes: “…never taking it off”