“It’s on” as Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn plan epic charity dodgeball match

Thirteen years after DodgeBall came out, here's the public's chance to join the cast on the court


“Oh yeah, it’s on,” says Ben Stiller’s White Goodman as he squares up to Peter La Fleur (Vince Vaughn) on the DodgeBall court. “It’s on AF. It’s ON so much that it never was off. Like, it was a waste of energy because we kept it ON all the time. Prepare to be humiliated on internet television – for charity.”


It may have been a few years since the release of 2004 comedy film DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, but all that competitive spirit has gone nowhere. Yes, Stiller and Vaughn are back – and this time they are inviting fans to join their squads.

To sign up for the “charity dodgeball event of a lifetime”, DodgeBall fans can pick between Stiller’s team (Globo Gym) or Vaughn’s (Average Joe’s) “if losing is your thing”.

And we’re not talking some kind of virtual event here. No, this is an actual real-life dodgeball game.

The winners will be flown out, given hotel rooms, outfitted, provided with sweatbands and kneepads and handed a ball. There will be a team photo and a pizza after-party, all in aid of children’s charity the Stiller Foundation. Hopefully no one will get hit in the head with a wrench, but there are no promises.

Entering costs a minimum of $10, with incentives offered for bigger donations.


“Pop the breaks, White. This moment is bigger than the both of us,” as La Fleur says.