Hugh Jackman sings Wolverine: the Musical

Wolverine meets Les Misérables as actor sings X-Men version of Who Am I?

Wolverine: The Musical. Has a ring to it right? Radio 1 certainly seems keen. And what better way to kick it off than to give a Les Misérables song an X-Men makeover?


Yes, having sung the rather more traditional Who Am I? in the stage to screen hit, Jackman was provided with some Wolverine-themed lyrics to sing to the tune.

“Hugh has got to look buff they say,” Jackman belts out as the song takes us on a journey through the many foods he’s had to give up in order to play the clawed X-Men star.

“I cannot eat these ice cream anymore, I need a body people can adore… I gave up junk food that I know. I made that bargain long ago. All my snacks and crisps are gone and now this Wolverine can go on… who am I? Who am I? I’m Wolverine.”

Catchy right? Just don’t mention the final note that Mr Jackman can’t quite reach…

X-Men: Days of Future Past is in cinemas from Thursday 22 May