How violent is Joker?

The dark thriller from Todd Phillips is not for the squeamish


Joaquin Phoenix is set to enter the running for the Best Actor Oscar with his turn as Arthur Fleck in Joker, a Batman prequel from The Hangover director Todd Haynes and DC Comics.


But with the film’s content generating controversy long before its release, how brutal do things really get? Find out everything you need to know about violence, blood and gore in Joker below.

How violent is Joker?

There are moments of violence that are difficult to watch in Joker, including a few thorough beatings, gunshots, stab wounds and scenes that feature their fair share of blood.

It’s certainly darker and more gruesome than anything that has come before it from DC Comics. While the violence only takes up a small chunk of the movie, when it comes, it is difficult to watch.

Is there a lot of gore in Joker?

No, not really: but if you’re not fond of blood, then you might find it difficult to watch some parts of the film.

What is Joker rated?

The film is rated 15 in the UK (R in the USA) for “strong bloody violence and strong language”.

Besides its acts of physical violence, the movie is also quite nihilistic, and deals with themes including mental illness and child abuse: we wouldn’t recommend bringing kids any younger than this.


Joker is released in UK cinemas on Friday 4th October