How to improve any film with the addition of a goat

We pick our favourites from Twitter's latest trend #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithGoat - yup, this just Goat serious

Last week Twitter was taken by storm by a new trend to irrevocably alter any TV series by changing a single letter. How we laughed at Sesame Streep, House of Carbs and How to get Away With Mulder.


But in internet terms, last week is basically the late Mesozoic era. Now there’s a new trend that really has legs: hairy, sure-footed legs.

Yes, even funnier than changing titles with clever letter substitution is putting the word “goat” in there, as tweeters using the hashtag #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithGoat have discovered today.

Dramas become funny, romances disturbing, and horror films – well, they’re even scarier than ever before. Goats will eat ANYTHING. Can Godzilla say that?

Below we’ve collected a few of our favourites for your delectation – though the people on Twitter are doubtless farming out thousands more as we speak. Are you ready? Get set…GOAT!

Some of the suggested replacements brought a new touch of menace

Some suggestions were outright terrifying

But most people tried to keep it light – goats are famously pleasant creatures, after all.

Frankly, some suggestions were too clever for their own good

And some…well, they were just a bit disturbing

It’s enough to make you call a stop to it all…


Then again, we might all have fundamentally misunderstood the game. Unless anyone’s goat any final suggestions, it’s back to the drawing board…