How Doctor Strange created its mindblowing time-travel scenes

Visual effects house ILM lift the curtain on their behind-the-scenes magic


In case you weren’t aware, magical Marvel movie Doctor Strange has some pretty impressive visual effects, with Benedict Cumberbatch’s sharp-suited sorcerer unleashing trippy magic, travelling through various mind-bending dimensions and unleashing the power of time in a film universally lauded for its imaginative use of VFX.


And now you can see how some of that magic was brought to life, with acclaimed visual effects house Industrial Light and Magic releasing a video to show off the workings behind scenes where Strange turns back time itself to take on his foe Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen).

To be honest, we’re surprised to see how much of the set was actually built – that’s never a given these days – and overall it’s truly amazing to see what the real-life wizards ILM managed to pull off. Magical.


Doctor Strange is available on DVD now