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Here's why everyone should retake the Hogwarts sorting hat quiz on Pottermore

But prepare yourself. It could cause an existential crisis...

Published: Monday, 1st February 2016 at 10:15 am

The time has come for you to retake the Hogwarts Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore.


After some time offline due to Pottermore's re-launch, the talking Harry Potter hat is back...and redesigned. So it's only right that you try it again on this extra magical version. And if you last took the test ages ago, you can see how accurate it was the first time.

Exciting stuff!

Except that you should also be very sure you want to retake it.

Because as a Harry Potter fan, you based your entire sense of self on your Hogwarts House, right? And if it turns out you're actually in a totally different house, everything you believed about yourself might be false.

And BAM! You've got yourself an existential crisis so profound, no spell will sort you out.

So enjoy the quiz, but let these people be a lesson to you...


Don't say we didn't warn you...


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