Here’s the first look at HBO’s Looking: the Movie

Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff star in the trailer for the movie spin-off of the cancelled TV series


Sometimes the end is a new beginning. At least, that was the motive behind HBO’s decision to cancel gay television drama Looking in early 2015, promising to make a film to serve as the finale.


It’s been over a year since show ended its two-season run – over a year since we left the characters, wondering just what happened to them after the abrupt finale. Now, HBO has finally released a trailer for Looking: The Movie.–ifI

Starring Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff, Looking follows a group of gay friends living in San Francisco. The film seems to pick up some years after the show left off, with Patrick (Groff) returning to California after moving from Colorado to confront his past.

As Richie (Raúl Castillo) says in the trailer, “Sometimes you’ve got to leave things behind so you can move forward.” Like a television show for a TV movie.


Looking: the Movie premieres Saturday 23 July at 10pm on HBO.