Henry Cavill has his cover blown in spoof Batman v Superman deleted scene

US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel asks the question we've all wanted to ask: "People ever tell you you look like Superman?"


Superman has always had a teeny tiny sticking point – his Clark Kent disguise isn’t all that good. It’s always a wonder that he gets away with posing a the Daily Planet reporter when he so clearly looks like Superman.


He’s got a pair of glasses, sure. But he’s just Superman out of his Lycra, right?

Now, in a spoof deleted scene from upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel has finally asked the question: “People ever tell you you look like Superman?”

Superman (Henry Cavill) struggles to keep his composure. But Kimmel refuses to let it drop, insisting: “You’re Superman.. my wife’s a big fan.”

Batman (Ben Affleck) and Jesse Eisenberg join the spoof skit, and the latter is left dumbstruck by the realisation that simply removing Kent’s glasses makes him Superman. Even ‘Lego Batman’ Will Arnett turns up only to find no one thinks he’s of any importance at all. But it’s the final pay-off at the end with a certain Matt Damon that makes this nine-minute video absolutely worth a full watch.


Honestly, Zack Snyder could do worse than a spin-off with these guys…