Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Graham Norton try out Batman’s voice

The fun you can have with voice manipulation


As the stars of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice do the interview rounds, talk inevitably turns to that Batman voice.


Ben Affleck’s normal tone of voice is, after all, very different to the computerised gravelly voice of the caped crusader.

It’s all down to a fancy bit of digital re-mastering in Mr Affleck’s case. Christian Bale did it himself, which is cool and all that, but having a bit of kit do it for you means everyone can join in the fun.

So, armed with a microphone that changed their voices, chat show host Graham Norton (after having a go himself) got actress Amy Adams (aka Lois Lane) and Henry Cavill (aka Superman) to have a go too.


Cavill put the moment to good use, pretending that Batman was declaring his undying love for Superman…