Hear Bradley Cooper’s “most real, authentic, hysterical” raccoon laugh

Ever wondered how a raccoon sounds when he's pretending to laugh? Let Rocket Raccoon be your guide in new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt is having a tough time as Peter Quill trying to convince his fellow guardians he has a plan to fend off evil Ronan.


OK, so he actually only has 12% of a plan. But he’s sure it’s going to work.

Just look at the seriousness.

He’s got the whole hands-facing-up-so-I-must-be-telling-the-truth pose going on. He’s confident.

The tree (aka Groot) believes him. Which is something. 

The raccoon? Nope, he really doesn’t. Enter the voice of Bradley Cooper and Rocket Raccoon’s “most real authentic hysterical laugh” of his entire life, which looks like this:

And sounds like this:



Guardians of the Galaxy is released in cinemas on 31 July 2014