Has Carrie Fisher accidentally revealed the working title of Star Wars Episode VIII?

The good news: it's set in space


A New Hope. The Phantom Menace. The Force Awakens. Space Bear.


Spot the odd one out.

Yes, strange as it may seem, Princess Leia herself seems to have confirmed the title for the next numbered movie in the Star Wars saga:

Star Wars Episode VIII: Space Bear

Don’t believe us? Check out the logo in the background. Behind Gary the dog.

Now, before you panic, Space Bear is simply the working title, to be used behind the scenes until something more permanent is announced.

Star Wars has a rich history of using fake titles to disguise production. Return of the Jedi was filmed under the name ‘Blue Harvest: Horror Beyond Imagination’ to avoid locations and contractors ramping up their prices when they discovered they were working for the megafranchise.

So it’s unlikely ‘Space Bear’ will make it into your local multiplex in December 2018. Which is a crying shame, especially if it resulted in Chewbacca finally getting top billing.


Oh, and no, we have no idea what all those emoticons mean.