Has a major villain been confirmed for Batman v Superman?

Just when things couldn't get darker


At this point Batman and Superman’s throwdown has had more promotion than your average WWE Summerslam, albeit with less spandex. Still, the drip, drip, drip of trailers and promos continues to reveal new details.


For instance, in the comics Wonder Woman was known for flying around in an invisible jet, whereas she now gets frequent flyer miles on Turkish Airways.

Even more exciting is this image from an upcoming Empire Magazine spread.

That large Omega symbol might hint that Darkseid, a major villain from Superman’s history, could be making an appearance.


Darkseid (pronounced as you’d expect) is a super strong warlord who rules the planet Apokolips (ditto) and tends to manipulate other people into doing his bidding – which would certainly explain why everyone is at each others’ throats in BvS:DoJ. Those fiery pillars in the background look a lot like the Apokoliptian landscape.


You wouldn’t go there on holiday, but its museums are second to none.