Harry Potter’s best friend is Barry and more hilarious wizard facts parents get wrong

The kids aren't giving out high fives for correctly identifying Harry Potter...

Parents don’t know all that much about Harry Potter, and their kids aren’t impressed at all. 


Hanging out in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in the US, unsuspecting parents were quizzed by Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show team on basic magical facts. 

Apparently, Professor Snape has ditched potions and is teaching sniper lessons, Harry’s best friend is called Barry and they’re all trying to fend off the evil forces of Baldemort (who is secretly Harry Potter in disguise, according to one mum). 

So embarrassed are the children by their parents’ efforts, they can’t bring themselves to watch the action unfold. And a high five for correctly identifying Harry Potter from a picture? That’ll be a no…