Harry Potter fans, there’s going to be an entire documentary about quidditch

Team UK are on a mission to claim the Quidditch World Cup


We’re used to documentaries about football, rugby and tennis, but what about quidditch? We know what you’re going to say – Radio Times, you’re off your rocker. It’s a fictional sport belonging to the pages of the Harry Potter books. Well, that’s where you’d be wrong…


Not only is quidditch played across the country, there’s actually a UK team and they’re heading to the Quidditch World Cup in Germany this July – a journey that will be the subject of a new documentary following a successful Indiegogo campaign

Triple Hoops Films have met their funding targets to make Fly the Movie: Journey to Frankfurt, a doc following Team UK from early 2016, where 32 teams compete in the British Quidditch Cup, through to their training in Durham and Oxford and on to their quest to win the global title this summer. 

The film will explore everything from “the harsh training of the sport, to the open and kind-hearted nature of the community, to the question of whether quidditch can be treated as a legitimate sport.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Quidditch is a sport played by wizards and witches and involves broomsticks and flying. How can us mere muggles attempt to compete? 


The accepted version isn’t *quite* as glamorous as the sport Harry Potter played – broomsticks are carried between players’ legs and the snitch is a tag attached to the snitch runners’ shorts – but the UK team names are definitely something we can get excited about. We’d pay good money to see the Werewolves of London face off against the Flying Chaucers.