Guy Ritchie film Snatch gets TV spin-off

The gangster flick will be turned into a 10-episode series on streaming service Crackle


If you love rigged boxing matches and incomprehensible gypsies than your luck’s in: Guy Richie’s cult crime movie Snatch is getting a 10-episode spin-off.


Sony’s streaming service Crackle announced a new series based on the 2000 movie at an event in New York yesterday.

The drama will follow a group of young new characters wading into the world of organised crime when they discover a truckload of stolen bullion.

The group must quickly learn how to survive in London’s underworld as they encounter mobsters, corrupt cops and gypsy boxers.

The original movie follows the search for a stolen diamond and stars Jason Statham as a gangster, Brad Pitt as a fast-talking traveller and Vinnie Jones as the seemingly unkillable Bullet Tooth Tony.


The free streaming site hasn’t announced when this new series will premiere or any details of who’s involved yet.